eConsultantz Intranet Smart Messaging Software is a Web Based Application which is developed to send sms text messages over the Intranet. iSMS can be installed in your local computer network (Intranet) and is developed in a way that it can be easily migrated according to the user’s requirements. iSMS enables organization, management and employees to communicate with each other through the In-house server. It allows users of the Intranet to send individual SMS text messages to each others mobile sets. Users through the iSMS could also send multiple sms messages to a group of people. Individual users can create own groups and default groups are available based on the designation of the employees and is accessible to all the users of iSMS. Each group can have multiple individual mobile numbers. iSMS will help you send and receive SMS messages from and to websites to and from your mobile phone in a simple and cost effective way.


    • Supports all major phones that can be connected with PC/Laptop
    • Ease of use. No Technical knowledge required
    • No Internet connection needed
    • Cheaper SMS solutions than Internet Gateway
    • Fast and cost effective
    • Send text messages longer than 160 characters
    • Can create unlimited groups & send SMS to groups
    • Built in scheduler for sending SMS at a fixed time
    • Notification of delivered SMS
    • Provisions like promotions, reminder, alert, special notice, statement available.
    • Useful for marketing, campaigning, team management, information broadcasting, mass advertisement, emergency information exchange
    • Can import / export from XLS , TXT & CSV files
    • Keeps SMS history per recipient
    • Send Unicode and Flash SMS