The perfect fit for your fleet!
eConsultantz Fleet Management System offers the best end-to-end solution to manage your fleets according to the mode of your fleet operations. FMS is a robust and flexible solution for fleet management, tracking maintenance and monitoring fieldwork. With FMS, you can manage any number of vehicles by diagnosing, tracking and monitoring a fleet and meet your challenges with our proper tools and information. eConsultantz can assure you to take your firm under the list of the best maintained fleets in the globe. eConsultantz believes in building customer relationships and hence “Service is our priority”

Benefits Of FMS

  • Process Automation
  • Improves Employee and Vehicle Efficiency
  • User Authentication
  • Role Based Access
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Re-usability of Data
  • Billing Automation
  • Easy to use
  • Automated Backup (No Data Loss)
  • Unmatched Support

Manually entering data takes time and is error prone. FMS reduces paper work and automates each of these steps, thereby saving significant time and effort. All information is stored in a Computer Database and can be backed up in separate device which eliminates the chances of any data loss due to fire, theft or reasons beyond human control.

FMS helps users to maintain all information pertaining to Vehicle, including Purchase Details, Statutory Certifications and Tax Information. It serves as your personal assistant by reminding you about Maintenance, Certificate Renewals and Tax dues.

FMS provides option to add unlimited Clients, unlimited Client Contacts, retain customers and increase profits

FMS provides automated, timely, accurate and detailed bills, thereby avoiding revenue leakage. FMS has print and reprint options for Invoices

FMS helps track employee records, background details, ailments, emergency contacts, license suspensions, cancellations, revocations and also alerts license expiry and renewal dates. This improves fleet’s safety standards

FMS provides provisions to manage Loan/EMI related information and advance taken by Employees. The Loan EMI and Advances can be adjusted against Salary using FMS

FMS leave calculator helps to track both paid and unpaid leaves, employee’s working hours per day or per month and calculate accurate salary of the employees. It also helps you keep track of the overtime done by employees.

FMS provides options for you to track expenses of all kinds and helps in managing your costs effectively. It has provisions to adjust expenses incurred by Employees against Advances. With FMS you can track full and accurate day to day history of financial transactions. Historical data in FMS provides predictable ongoing Expense Reports.

FMS enables users to record financial details such as Vehicle Loans and EMIs and reminds about the upcoming payments. You would never miss any payments with FMS. At any point in time you can view amount paid so far and remaining amount to be paid

Preventive Maintenance is a must in Fleet Management. FMS tracks the scheduled upcoming maintenance, repairs, fuel, parts, and much more. Fleet Maintenance will help keep your assets in top condition and help you know the cost effectiveness of your vehicles and keep customers in hand.

FMS delivers fleet management tools to help you save money and plan expenses for your vehicles, track fuel usage and analyze the fuel consumption of a vehicle. FMS automatically monitors and reports day to day utilization of vehicles. It identifies vehicles which are used too frequently and the ones which are underutilized thereby helping you take decisions and increase revenue.

FMS provides multitude of easily accessible, automated, periodic, technical and detailed accounting reports which can be customized, printed or mailed. It allows for easy and accurate fleet control. FMS is flexible and easy to use. No technical knowledge is required to operate FMS. It comes with a user manual which guides you through all processes and eConsultantz Customer Support Team that is just a call away.