Reporting and Analytics

There’s been a recent sea change in the capabilities and availability of tools that allow companies to understand their businesses to a far greater degree than ever before. Strong tools however do not obviate the need for good data and strong analysts and analysis. Today’s companies find themselves challenged to keep pace with the volume of data and the rapid innovation of new tools and techniques to analyse it with, leaving them unable to commit to the high value core activities of drawing actionable insights from their own rich data.

We at eConsultantz use access to best domain practises and provide competitive intelligence using various reporting and analytics tool to a clients.


Implementation to Best Practices
Structured Methodology
Scalability and Improves ROI
Strategic implementation
Facilitates Decision Making


  • Cross platform reporting portals
  • Provide near real time business insight solutions
  • On-line catalogue, promotion and prices strategy
  • Diagnostic, predictive and prospective Analytic
  • Analysis of Online performance and Customer Behaviour